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"Business has only two basic functions-marketing and innovation."

Peter Drucker (1935 - ) US author, business executive


Are you interested to learn more about I.D. Systems as a company, the way we work and/or our products and systems solutions? Then we look forward to meeting you! You have the opportunity to meet I.D. Systems employees at one of the following events, where we are happy to answer all of your questions with respect to the subject "RFID: Products and best-practice application examples"

Date Event City Hall/Stand No./Hotel
2005-01-25 Transponder Roadshow Köln Dorint Kongress Hotel
2005-03-01 Transponder Roadshow Basel RAMADA Plaza Basel
2005-05-19/20/21/22/23 Euroshop Messe Düsseldorf Messe Düsseldorf
2005-05-31 -
Transport Logistik München Messe München
2005-06-01 Transponder Roadshow Berlin Hotel Palace Berlin
2005-10-18 Transponder Roadshow München NH Hotel München-Dornach

Date Event City Hall/Stand No./Hotel
2004-01-21 Transponder Roadshow Karlsruhe Dorint Hotel
2004-03-02 Transponder Roadshow Köln Dorint Kongress Hotel
2004-03-03/04 Logistics Forum Duisburg Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord
2004-03-09/10/11 LogiMAT Messe Stuttgart Halle 10.0 - Stand 204
2004-04-21 Transponder Roadshow Wien Intercontinental Hotel
2004-06-15 Transponder Roadshow Hannover Radisson SAS Hotel
2004-10-5/6/7/8 Security Essen, Trade Fair Essen Messe Essen

Date Event City Hall/Stand No./Hotel
2003-11-14 be@ctual Branchentreff Wien Siemens Forum
2003-11-04 Smart Card Solutions Day Wien Siemens AG Österreich
2003-10-07/08/09/10 InterAirport Messe München Expresso Transportgeräte GmbH
2003-07-01/02 Warehouse Logistics Kongress Dortmund Westfalen Hallen Dortmund
2003-05-19 Transponder Roadshow Dresden Steigenberger Radebeul Hotel
2003-03-24 Transponder Roadshow München-Aschheim Astron Hotel
2003-03-21 Transponder Roadshow Wiesbaden Dorint Hotel
2003-02-17 Transponder Roadshow Düsseldorf Radisson SAS Hotel

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