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ExID® applications
- at a glance:

Vehicle access control applications:
e.g. for controlling access to company carparks, airports and universities
Postal logistics:
e.g. for the identification of intermodal containers
Container logistics:
e.g. for the identification of entire truckloads of industrial gas cylinders
Airport logistics:
e.g. for the management of luggage trolley fleets and the identification of unit load devices

The ExID® RFID system belongs to the semi-passive group of RFID technologies and offers a reliable and proven service life of up to 10 years. The readers are equipped with industrially standardised interfaces and can therefore be connected to any data processing system. More complex applications are handled using ExID® controllers, which permit the intelligent integration of several readers as well as sensor systems and actuators (such as barriers for vehicle access control).

The key parameters of the ExID® product line are:
  • Identification up to 12 metres (36 feet)
  • Group identification of dozens of objects in motion
  • Utilisation of the license-free ISM operating frequency of 2.45 GHz
  • Software-supported channel selection for use in combination with data radio and wireless LAN systems
  • Standardised data interfaces
  • All required CE and radio approvals
  • Excellent identification properties on metal and in metallic environments
  • Controllers for network integration and the coordinated operation of several readers
  • Connected to enterprise resource planning, transport optimization and access control software systems of well-known manufacturers
  • High tag service life due to the use of highly energy-efficient computer chips (so-called ASICs)
Please refer to the current product catalogue for details of all ExID® system components:

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