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"RFID has the potential to revolutionise industrial operations."

Stephen David, CIO, The Procter & Gamble Company


Global RFID growth Leading international consulting experts predict a threefold increase worldwide in the use of RFID systems over the next five years. RFID systems are certainly on the advance: they can be used in almost any environment, and particularly in applications where barcodes are of limited practicality.

We aim to become a leading supplier of integrated solutions in our key market segments. This calls for flexibility, speed and innovative system solutions.

Our main goal is to enable our customers to make cost-efficient and effective use of RFID technologies. This endeavour is backed up by our technological expertise, our wide-ranging experience and the systematic tailoring of our activities to the needs of the customer. The interplay of these three factors lays the foundations for the development of optimum RFID solutions.

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