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Transponder Roadshow 05:

2005-01-05 Köln

2005-03-01 Basel

2005-06-05 Berlin

2005-10-05 München

BVL Working Group


I.D. Systems AG provides quality systems solutions for the automatic identification of objects such as vehicles and industrial containers. We develop, sell and implement long range RFID (radio frequency identification) systems which are capable of identifying objects at reading ranges up to 12 metres (36 feet) in motion and in batches of several dozen objects simultaneously.

As a German company founded in 1989, we are dedicated to the development and international commercialisation of RFID solutions in the following industrial sectors: automobile, chemicals, aviation, logistics, postal and transport. Application examples are: container identification, tracking and tracing of gas cylinders, automatic truck loading controls and long-range, hands-free vehicle access control. Our RFID systems solutions simplify logistical processes and improve cost-structures. We thereby optimise classical factors of success such as security, economic efficiency, quality and comfort.

If you are planning the implementation of long range RFID technologies, talk to the experts - talk to I.D. Systems.